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19 February 1980
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I hate writting biographies, but if you really wish to know...

I'm originally from Moscow, Russia, graduated from Moscow State University.
While in Russia I was one of the founders of SpyLOG/Mytrix - the Internet Statistics Service,
later left it and joined MySQL AB where I worked for a few years, and later I started Percona.COM - the consultancy specializes in MySQL and Web Applications performance.
as well as involved in Consulting Support and a bit of development.

Some personal biography ?

It would perhaps make sense to write why I started this journal ?

At first I've got a lot of friends left in Russia and I got tired telling them all the same stuff over phone email or ICQ. Now they should be able to read my journal instead. I also was inspired by Brad and Jeremy Zawoodny's journals to start posting my MySQL related findings as well as other professional stuff. I run into a lot of these every day but they are too small for articles and I simply do not have time to prepare them.

So my journal will be the mix of professional and personal stuff as well as likely mix of languages. So enjoy.