MySQL: Finally having a way to fall back without transaction loss.

For a long while the fact was - MySQL has asynchronous replication, so if you will be falling back to the Slave you will be
loosing some of latest transactions, this was perhaps the only practical reason to recommend active-passive clustering instead of replication for applications needing such insurance. Happily with recent MySQL 4.1 version there is a way to
solve this problem

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How support system should not be written

I've been dealing with local Comcast support today and it is the great example how customer support system should not be
created and the customers should not be dealt with.

Being logged in to my account I press on "contact support link" - I'm instantly being asked my name address etc which
exist in my customer profile of course. I'm asking general question - how to do the stuff on the web but get reply
back asking to confirm my identity. The funny thing I'm being asked the same questions as I filled in the form with only one additional one. Is it complex enough to ask everything needed in the form if it can't be imported from account ?
I'm submitting them information required - do you think I get reply now ? No they write me back telling I have removed
original question while quoting so they do not know what to answer. This explains why I got very silly responses as followup from them sometime.

Supporting other customers it is great to try being from other side. Happily we do not have such technical problems.

Back from vacation

So we're finally back from 2 week vacation. Actually we returned a little while ago but there was no time to write.
We drove about 3500 miles from starting Seattle to Portland, San Francisco, Monterey, Los Angeles, when took east to Las Vegas, Flagstaff,
observed Grand Canyon in snow (unfortunately covered by fog most of the time) looked at Painted desert and horse shoe bend in Arizona, visited
Zion Park and Salt Lake in Utah. That was fun however might be a bit too much driving. Now back to work :)

Software Patents

I run into pretty interested web site yesterday It has very interesting thoughts about software patents,
for example looks like great example of how trivial and obvios things could be actually patented.

I also really like their comparison of software creation process to Art/Music/Movies creation. It would really be strange to patent of mixing of
bass guitar and piano in the music composition, but similar things can be patented in software industry.

It is strange how legal system in Europe could come to this point, but it is even more strange the things are already this way in US.

The first thought which comes is - how can ever small shop start to develop software ? It is almost certain some patients will be voilated
and so the only hope left is big pattient holders would not notice you until you start to hurt them. The only question is when this practically
starts to heppen.

That was long

I was not updating journal for a while now. In the meanwhile I went to Russia and MySQL Developers meeting in Malta,
so I was just busy.

Malta was very interesting experience, looking like specially designed for UK teenagers getaways. With drinking age
of 16 and beer cheaper than water (seriously) in restaurants it should be really popular destination. There were
plenty of people from Germany and Italy as well. I also heard quite a few people speaking Russian in the area.

It was nice to take a bath in Mediterranean, we however barely had time for that. Our program was very busy, starting
8 in the morning and finished by dinner which normally ended later than 10PM. We had one day free however and one
day on the beach with MySQL so I really can't complain.

It was also interesting to see how Moscow have changed during less than a year I have not seen it. A lot of buildings
are now complete and a lot more are being built. The construction is booming - housing, office centers as well as
as shopping centers by the "circle road" going around Moscow. There is also boom of destroying of old hotels,
nothing was built on these places yet, so we'll see.

Fast internet is also coming to the homes. Couple of years ago this market was mainly taken by small providers which
built LAN in few buildings, covering few hundreds/thousands apartments, while now real players come to the market,
mainly with ASDL. I have not seen providers using cable infrastructure yet - it looks like it is much more outdated
compared to phone lines. You can get fast internet but it will not be cheap. Unlimited internet usually comes at speeds
160K or so, while higher speeds require you to pay something like 30$/GB

Otherwise I would not say a lot of things have changed.

Leaky Leaky Linux

How could Linux desktop applications be be so leaky ? Is it what everyone restarts their system
every day ? After 11 day uptime on my laptop I have "X" process taking 250MB, kdeinit is over 100MB, Firefox over 350M, even though I have just 8 small pages open, java_vm is taking over 200MB
even though I used it from web browser few days ago. In total I have 550MB of swap space used while
having 768MB of Ram.

This is all with SuSE Linux 9.1 but I do not think other distributions are significantly different
in this respect.

My own domain name

Yesterday I accidentally found the web site selling domain names just for 6$/year with mail forwarding included,
so I decided to finally get myself personal domain name at least for mail purposes. Funny to say but my email addresses
always were from the companies I worked for and I never use any personal email, except some free webmails which I use in
some rare cases.

So was busy, It was registered in 1996 thanks to my popular last name. So I got, setting up as an email.

Hm. Checked spelling by Live Journal spell check and this suggestion looks funny:

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