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MySQL Performance blog updates

My blog link at is still not updated so here is list of posts me and Vadim are written during last couple of weeks.

Group Commit and XA Some more benchmark results for MySQL 5.0 performance regression because of broken group commit.

Speedup your LAMP stack with LigHTTPD The article is about Optimization of Web Server part in LAMP stack in general and how you can use lighttpd to speed things up in particular.

How Web Services world affect LAMP Stack Article discusses some things which become different with Web Services application. Kind of followup to previous post.

MyISAM mmap feature (5.1) Vadim writes about mmap support for MyISAM which he has implemented for MySQL 5.1

Jeremy Cole on MySQL Replication
This article comments on post by Jeremy Cole discussing reliable replication options.

MySQL SpecJAppServer2004 results Announcing MySQL official results in SpecJAppServer benchmark published by Sun with out help.

INSERT ON DUPLICATE KEY UPDATE and summary counters. Article about Using INSERT ON DUPLICATE KEY UPDATE feature to speed up summary tables creation

Join Performance of MyISAM and Innodb This article compares MyISAM and Innodb storage engines in join speed for CPU bound case.

InnoDB memory usage Details about Innodb memory allocation. Something you need to know planing MySQL server memory usage.

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