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MySQL: Preparing for MySQL Users Conference

MySQL Users Conference 2006 is now in close proximity and I'm working hard preparing my presentations.
I've got 3 ones this year. All should be very interesting one but challenging to prepare.

First one is MySQL Performance Optimization Tutorial, which I'm doing with Tobias. It is kind of sounding similar to what I've been doing last year
but it is a lot different in the content. Frankly speaking we did not recycle any of the old stuff and just wrote everything from scratch. To learn from
previous year mistakes we now have it more condensed so we can cover everything in short 3 hours, as well as keeping it much more practical. Based on My and Tobiases experience of performance optimization of real application we kind of provide how to or insight on how we work, what exactly do we do, why and how we do it. For particular application there are of course much more specific tricks which can be played but at least we're sharing most generic, simple and powerful ones.

Second one is presentation about MySQL 5.0 to 4.1 Performance. This one required running a lot of benchmarks to be able to quantify performance improvements of various MySQL 5.0 optimizations and new features, as well as performance regression in the cases it went slower. Yes we're not going to hide anything - there are many performance improvements and new features, but these had to be paid for by reduced performance in certain other cases.

Third one is "MySQL Performance Landscape" - This one is the most time consuming to prepare. I and members of MySQL High Performance Group run well over the hundred benchmark to investigate MySQL Performance with different workloads on different platforms. How well MySQL scales for Multiple CPUs, Which operation system is better, does Dual Core really rule etc, we'll try to have many of such questions answered.
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