peter_zaitsev (peter_zaitsev) wrote,

Second time father

Yesterday, 9th of September at 13:16 my second Baby was bord. Girl named Nadya - weight 2900gr.

Today we're all safe back home from hospital next time and baby is settling in.
Labor was rather quick and with little pain (thanks to Epidural) - attending childbirth
classes I was taught a lot about scary things such as cesarian, episotomia, vacum extractors
and such but happily none of this was needed. Actually the "push" phase itself took less than
10 minutes and I guess 4-5 pushes, even our doctor was surprised.

It is very rewarding to attend childbirth, and I guess very helpful for mother as well. My
previous baby was delivered in Russia (6 years ago) - Mother and baby spent 4 days in the hospital
and I even was not allowed to attend them - Kate would show me Vanya out of the window on the 6th
floor or something.

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