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LinuxWorld Boston Notes

Yesterday was Opening of LinuxWorld conference in Boston. A lot of new stuff being anounced, even not directly connected to Linux which means growing importance of it.

MySQL Announced MySQL Network offering

RedHat presented RedHat AS 4.0

Intel Presented Xeon with EM64T Irwindale, 2MB L2 cache version of Nocona

AMD presented 2.5Ghz Opteron and announced 2 core CPU to be available in a few months.

This is just small fraction of stuff being presented, as I did not have much time to walk on the exhibition yet, being busy with Both duties.

In general I would say this even becomes more and more Marketing one, times than Linus would have keynote or you would see some top level
kernel developers seems to be gone, or might be they are just hiding being bored by their fame :)

I visited Novel and Computer Associates CEO talks - these vere extremely boring, I thought - this must look like giving a talk at yearly shareholders meeting (or well, like speaches you can see in Russian Parlament) - a lot of complicated terms and broad clames but no actual Information. Today our CEO - Marten Mikos is supposed to speak, hope he will do better :)

Computer Associates CEO surprised me a lot with his claim of Ingres being first serious RDBMS to be released in Open Source. I instantly thought about SAP DB which I would guess is as serious as Ingres.

The other interesting thing I see on the conference is - it looks like the leading theme on the Linuxworld is - "Yes Linux and Open Source is great, but you should buy our closed source software". I would not call it a big surprise however. There is number commercialized OpenSource companies, getting their money via Dual License, Subscriptions or Services.

In the evening I went to PostgreSQL BOF. Main PostgreSQL 8.0 features have been discussed - nothing but true Table Space support caught my attention as everyhing else seems to be done or in ToDo for MySQL. Mark Wong presented results for Multiple-Tablespaces usage in DBT2 and reported huge performance increase - so we might need to look at it as well.

I was a bit upset about offensive answer to "MySQL vs PostgreSQL" question, which was basically "No reason to use MySQL for new development, only for legacy applications, we beat in all performance, scalability,reliability, ease of addministration". I smiled and later talk to him (with number of guys listening) afterwards - he had to acknowledge there are number of workloads when MySQL performs much better, ie bulk data loads, thanks to our multiple storage engines, not to mention cluster or low overhead solid replication.

And one fun part at last. Close to our both we had Oracle guy installing Oracle for 2 hours or so. He noticed me, turned to me and told, "Oh, I would personally better be installing MySQL". Large companies can't get total their product loyality.

So so far it goes as pretty interesting event.
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